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FANFARRÃO 2 Col. Alexandre Fontenelle Ribeiro de Oliveira, CEO of the death-dealing COE

In September, Rio de Janeiro’s Secretary of Public Security (SSP) released something of a bombshell for Brazil crime analysts: the city’s infamous militia groups have expanded dramatically over the past decade. —Insight Crime

Source:  EL PAÍS (Brazil edition).

An item for my clipping file on the death-dealing police.

The story dates back to mid-September, with a fresh round of warrants in early November.

It has been even longer since the lads from the local battalion pumped eight bullets into a close neighbor of ours during a traffic stop gone bad. His wife has erected a simple cross, not 50m from where I type this,  but we have observed police personnel gathered around her in an intimidating manner as she tends to it. A pitiful graffiti tag, already almost washed away, declares that the police murdered a man on…

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